Project Title: BMZ UGA621 Project: towards more effective and Accountable Social Protection Systems for Income Security in Older Age in Gulu, Nwoya and Amuru districts in Northern Uganda

Time frame: Jan 2016 to December 2017

Goal: Social protection systems providing income security in older age in developing countries are more effective and accountable

Objective: Older Person Association/Older Citizen Monitoring capacity to monitor and advocate at local and national levels for more effective and more accountable social protection systems is strengthened

Project learning framework

The project focuses on learning in three areas:

  1. Review of legislation, policy, practice and operational guidelines for the four social protection schemes as being the standards against which duty bearers can be held to account and provide basis for OCM.
  2. The key issues experienced by older citizens in relation to the delivery and design of the four social protection schemes so as to provide data to advocate with key stakeholders to improve service delivery and policy
  3. Learning on the effectiveness of the OCM approaches so as to improve the OCM approach in this project, and to raise awareness with others on how to design age-friendly, rights-based accountability mechanisms

Outcomes and learning accrued from the project implementation will be used to: 

  • Develop a clear and shared understanding of the project objectives
  • Understand the OCM approach in Uganda and linkages/overlaps with official grievance redress mechanisms and wider accountability mechanisms
  • Identify ‘what works’ and what are the challenges in OCM
  • Develop strategies to begin to address the challenges
  • Produce a set of learning questions about the effectiveness of OCM and develop a strategy for collection, documentation and dissemination
  • Produce a set of monitoring areas/data collection questions for OCM