Project Title: Community Sustainable Actions to Reduce GBV in Acholi sub Region. (2015-2017).

Project Goal: A safe and empowered community where women and men live free of violence

Project Objectives:

  1. Community knowledge on GBV prevention and Response increased by 40% in Pajule and Angagura sub counties by 2017.
  2. Access to quality services for GBV survivors increased by 20% in Pajule and Angagura by 2017
  3. Capacity of stakeholders in Pader District on GBV prevention and response strengthened by 2017

Location (Sub Counties): Target Population: 7128. (The project locations are Pajule Sub County in Palenga and Ogagu parishes, and Angagura Sub County in pungole and Kalawinya parishes.)

Duration: 24 Months (August 2015 to July 2017).

Funding Source: Caritas Germany.