Project: Towards more effective and accountable social protection systems for income security in older age This project covered 19 sub-counties of Koch Goma, Alero, Anaka Town Council, Anaka, Purongo [Nwoya district], Lakwana, Lalogi, Bobi, Pece, Laroo, Unyama, Paicho, Awach, Palaro [Gulu/Omoro district], Lamogi, Pabo, Atyak, Amuru Town Council and Amuru [Amuru district].

 Project Duration  Jan 2017-Dec 2017
 Donor/Partner  BMZ thru’ Help Age International
 Approved Funds  

Project Objectives:
o to contribute towards Social protection systems by providing income security in older age to become more effective, accessible and accountable

o Strengthened accountability mechanism for citizen participation

o Innovative approaches to citizen monitoring piloted in order to generate rigorous and scalable data

o Evidence and Learning generated on social protection system and best practices in Citizen monitoring

o Key local, national and international stakeholders have increased technical knowledge to design and implement accountable social protection Systems.

Implemented activities:

o A One day training attended by 34(M-21, F-12) participants to create awareness among the paralegals on rights and entitlements of older persons and strategise on how to increase access of legal support services to older persons. Participants were older person representatives; Gulu Women Economic Development and Globalisation [GWED-G], Human Rights Focus Gulu [HURIFO], Uganda Human Rights Commission—Gulu Office, United Nation Office of the Human Rights Commissioner—Gulu [UNHCHR], FIDA, Police, Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative [ARLPI], Paralegals Advisory, Legal Aid Project of Uganda Law Society [LAP]—Gulu and Justice and Peace Commission Gulu Archdiocese [JPC], Police and Prison services. It focused on challenges facing older persons, policies and legal framework for older persons .

o A two day training targeting 120 (M-74, F46) OCMGs were conducted on how to collect and analyse data and provide feedback through meeting engagements with district/sub-county officials and other stakeholders. It provided a forum and opportunity to discuss and develop common understanding in regards to Communication techniques, concept of the questionnaire, approach and sampling method. o One day follow-up training for sub-county and District Councillors of OPs and PWDs was conducted attended by 47 (M-28, F-19) participants. It equipped the OPCs and DPWDCs on Council proceeding and deliberation and the general local government planning and budgeting cycle.

o 89 (M-65, F-24) older persons participated in the 3 trainings to enhance understanding on broad concept of social protection in line with National Social Protection Policy and access to available on-going government SP initiatives in the districts as well promotion of accountability among stakeholders.

o SAGE meetings were conducted to share achievements and challenges facing the older citizen. It clarified a number of issues in regard to SAGE such as administrative processes in relation to death of beneficiaries, selection, missing payment, payment points biometric failure and enrolment with Project Management Unit.