Communities and relevant stakeholders’ knowledge and skills on water resources and catchment areas.

o Supported one group in Lolwa parish and another one in Lolia parish to establish and manage 2 tree nurseries for raising of seedlings for gardening at water points.
The tree seedlings raised last year were transplanted at the water sources, around homesteads and in group’s field. All group members were trained on water resource catchment area conservation techniques and have been actively participating in management of the tree nursery.

Project: Integrated Programme for Good Governance and Sustainable Livelihoods:

 Project  Duration(Reporting  period)  Jan. 2017- Dec. 2017
 Donor/Partner  NORAD thru’ Caritas  Norway/Caritas Uganda
 Approved Funds  367,272,264 UGX

Project Objectives:

Implemented activities:

The IPGSL program took its direction from the nationally active Caritas Norway/Caritas Uganda Strategic Plan for Good Governance and Democracy (CN/CU Strategic Plan). To this end, it employed five Strategic Objectives: increased civic confidence, observanance to the rule of laws, improved livelihood and food security, evoronmental friendly approaches and HIV/AIDs. In implementing the above mentioned objectives the followings were achieved.

o A total of 73 (M-22, F- 95) were trained on lobbying and advocacy in all the three parishes of Amuru, Pader and Lukome .
o 600 (M-442, F-158)participants attended 15 Barazas sessions with discussion beings on topics that affects the community most in a given area Issues included YLP, OWC, Poor Community Access Road, education and other social services. A community baraza brought 5 sub county officials to clarify on the concerns raised by the community for poor access road joining the community of Apiri and Ogom Sub County for social services like health services, market, schools among others in Pader parish
o 3 community dialogue sessions on planning and budgeting was conducted during the year. The dialogues attracted 135(M-48, F-87) participants. Group members and sub county officials including CDO, Sub County Chief, Parish Chief, LC 1 and LCIII Chairpersons attended the dialogue.
o A total of 75(M-27, F-48) participants participated in the districts women day celebrations held in Amuru, Lukome and Pader parishes.
o A total of 88 (M-60, F-28) paralegals and 25 from each parish of Pader, Lukome and Amuru; were given a refreshers training on human right , legal proceedings and alternative dispute resolution.

o 12 sessions of monthly advocacy meeting have been conducted with the members of the advocacy committees in all the three Parishes under CGA.
         o The community Advocacy committee of Apiri mobilized the community for bush clearing of a 5km road connecting them to Ogom Sub County Headquarters.
         o The Advocacy committee action plans yielded 15 boreholes in Pader; construction of a market in Owele with participation of the community, advocated for road linking Pawel angany and Pawel Ayiga and Owee primary School received a borehole and classroom block and a latrine from ZOA leading increase enrolment from 170 in 2013 to 230 pupils in 2017.
         o One IPGSL group (Lok Oruma Women’s group) has been enrolled into the Women Entrepreneurship Fund.
         o Two groups in Amuru; Lok Oruma and Kuc Ber benefited from the NUSAF III by receiving fingerlings for their fish ponds. Lok Oruma received 2000 cat fish and Kuc Ber received 4,000 tilapia fingerlings.

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