Practice and respect for rule of law

o A total of 88 (M-60, F-28) paralegals from each parish of Pader, Lukome and Amuru; were given a refreshers training on human right, legal proceedings and alternative dispute resolution .

o The capacity of 421 (M136, F- 295) Paralegal was built in the 4 sessions through Legal Clinic Outreaches. These sessions were facilitated by experts from the following organisation; UHRC, HURIFO, POLICE, COURT, Local council I-V and Legal officers. This resulted into communities increased awareness on their rights and networking with Paralegals for settlement of disputes and other relating issues.

Improving livelihoods and food security.

o A total of 29 (M-26, F-3) community based trainers were trained on lower level monitoring during a refreshers in CGA IPGSL areas.
o A total of 87 (M-26, F-61) participants were trained on marketing and financial linkage to improve on their household income and safe money. Groups have opened their account with Post Bank Ltd as a gesture for future business transaction that may include loans and other appropriate products. Some groups are however in the process of
o 11 pairs of oxen and 11 pieces of ox-plough were procured and distributed to 11 groups. These groups were selected based on their hard work in all the 5 thematic areas in the year 2017. This included putting in place hygiene facilities, saving increase , household assets and income increase amongst others. A total of 60 (M-48, F-12) group representatives were trained for two days on animal traction and livestock management.
o 69 (M-42, F-27) participants were trained on group institutional development and cooperative development. The 2 days training was facilitated by District Commercial Officers, Livelihood officers from sister development partners GWED- G and Amuru District Farmers Association. The participants acquired the knowledge on how to form, manage and register a co-operative. The participants formed a committee to relay the information to the groups so that they understand the importance of the cooperative and their roles to ensure the functionality of the cooperative
o A total of 20 (M-12, F-8) farmers were taken for a learning visit to Nebbi diocese. Main areas of learning were bulking and sales of produce by the groups, soil and water conservation and seed multiplication amongst others.

Environmental sustainability

o A total of 96 (M-45, F-51) participants, participated in the World environment day celebration. The participants drew from different groups to participate in the celebration including District and sub county officials. They included Health inspector, Environment Officer, Sub County Chief, Community development Officer, Chairperson LC3, and the different Area Councillors among others. The theme for the year 2017 was “Connecting People to Nature”
o A total of 129 (M-44, F-85) participants were trained as HIV/AIDs counsellors in all the three parishes.
o 95(M-65, F-30) participants were trained on sustainable environmentally friendly practices and conservation farming with special focus on soil and water conservation. The trainings were facilitated Gulu District Health Assistants, Amuru District farmers Association, LWF and the Hub. Participants were given free seedling to plant in their homesteads during world environment day celebration; these seeds were provided by NFA and NEMA as a good gesture in environmental conservation. Participants have adopted the soil and water conservation practices to mitigate environmental degradation.

Sensitisation on HIV/AIDS transmission, prevention, and control.

o 266 (M-68, F-198) participants were tested during the HCT session across the three parishes. The services included testing of Malaria and HIV/AIDS, distribution of basic drugs for Malaria to children below 05 years and counselling services among others.
o 360 (M-210, F-150) pupils were sensitised on HIV/AIDS transmission, prevention and control. The message was tailored to meet the age of the pupils and also keeping in mind the School Health Policy. Under the team; “Reaching men, girls and young women to reduce new HIV infection” the World Aids day was celebrated by involving 3 drama groups. They performed music, dance and drama to pass messages on HIV/AIDS to educate the crown. The performance focused on prevention, transmission, stigma and discrimination.