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Social Services

Social Services

Our Social Service Program is geared towards supporting the local community cope with post traumatic stress disorder and other abuses being met in the community the affecting a large parts of the population in Northern Uganda . We provide psychological support and social protection in the areas of gender based violence, children protection and enhancing income and social security to older person through our different projects. These were meant to facilitate dialogue and reconciliation to support individual survivors through their healing processes and strengthening local communities’ structures, to rebuild broken community relations, empower self-help community initiatives, and foster harmony at both the households and the general community.

Project: Community Empowerment to Reduce Gender Based Violence in Acholi Sub Region is a project being implemented in Pader District

 Project Duration  
 Donor/Partner  Caritas Germany
 Approved Funds  

Project Objectives:
o To realize an empowered community where men and woman live free from violence.
o Empowered community with reduced occurrence of gender based violence.
o Increased community knowledge on GBV in Pajule and Acholibur sub counties.
o Improved response services for survivors of Gender Based Violence.
o Improved response services for survivors of Gender Based Violence.

Implemented activities:

o The project acquired two counseling rooms to providing safe and confidential space for survivors of violence where many survivors sought help from .

o Conducted a 3 days training in Pajule and Acholibur Sub Counties on Village Savings and Loans Association skills. In attended were 120 (M, 44, F- 76) to increase their knowledge and skills on VSLA methodology and practice towards improved household’s income and self reliance. The topic covered VSLA definition and general principles, core principles, characteristics of a good member, role of a good member/general assembly, VSLA concepts( savings, welfare, fine, loan and interest), best practices, leadership in VSLA, Internal regulation, VSLA records, content of the box, meeting procedure and auction audit .

 (L) Members of 02 VSLA groups during the training in Pajule.(R) the parish priest of Pajule catholic parish during the official opening of the workshop.
 Participants of VSLA training in Pajule during the morning recap session in the compound.

o Conducted weekly poster facilitation using SASA! a Communication materials by Community Activist (CAs) in the community. This was to provoke the communities to discuss and create awareness on Gender based violence prevention. It widened the awareness efforts in the community on GBV forms, consequences as well as benefit of living a safe, healthy and respectful life.

o In this reporting period 248 posters facilitation for awareness were conducted using SASA! A total of 6,881 (M-1,337, F-3,488) people were reached and 1,337 youth/children.

 Above photo is one community activist conducting awareness session in ladyangataa village Palenga parish with VSLA group on their saving day.

o The project supported 16 days of activism against GBV at district function at Puranga Sub County. The event was supported by among other Pader NGO forum, Communication for development foundation (CDFU), Wurudet, UN Women, UNHCRC, Lamp lighter, Care, Uganda law society. The theme of the celebration was: “From peace in the nation to peace in homes: Male engagement for the safety of women and girls”. During the campaign matching; dances, poem and drama and speeches were among other activities.

 L) NGO partners who attended the 16 days launch being introduced, (R) members of the community marching during the event in Puranga sub county.

o A total of 10 dialogues were conducted, and 842 (M-363, F-421) people were reached. The issues the community discussed included; child neglect, physical violence, illegal sale of food staffs, early marriage, and land wrangle as contributing factor to GBV .

 Above are the people during the discussion in oryang central and left is one of the men giving his point on Child Neglect.
 A staff of Caritas speaking to the community members in the same dialogue in Acholibur.

o In the reporting period 16 dramas were conducted in the two sub counties, 9 in Pajule and 7 in Acholibur. The drama reached a total of 621 (M-241, F-380) people. The drama derived from the SASA! start kits.

 Above pictures show two drama groups performing SASA! drama on GBV to the community members.
 (L)The staff of Caritas talking to CAs during the mentorship meetings in Pajule, (R) are CA members of Acholibur Sub County attending mentorship meeting.

o Caritas provided psychosocial support and comprehensive case management to the survivors. The case management supported survivors of violence to cope with the problem and helped to restore dignity and hope. A total of 64 cases were reported to our offices of which 09 on economic, 29 on psychological violence, 20 on sexual violence, 06 on physical violence and 02 non GBV cases .

Medical support to survivors of Gender Based Violence

o Physical injury and infections are some of the result of Gender based violence on a person. In the event that rape and physical injury occurred, the project provided medical treatment to the survivors for life saving. 24 clients were supported for medical treatment. 20 survivors were cases of sexual violence on young girls, and 02 were on physical violence and 02 non GBV violence cases.

o Conducted mediation services to 96 families experiencing Gender based violence. The purpose of mediation therefore was to restore harmony and peace in the family after violence. Caritas supported the traditional mediation mechanism to mitigate violence and counsel victims and survivors. In doing so, 13 mediations were conducted, 04 were physical violence, 07 were emotional violence cases and 02 were as a result of economic violence perpetrated by the husbands.

Provide legal support to survivors of Gender based violence

o A total of 12 legal counseling was conducted, 04 GBV and 06 on land related matter. Therefore most cases of sexual and physical violence have seen the perpetrators arrested, investigation done and waiting for court hearing or some have kicked off. The mediations have yielded positive results in that the perpetrators have been complying with the obligations set out during the mediation. The clan structures have been very useful in supporting appropriate responses to the problems during mediation.

 Caritas legal officer (Right in blue) with police officers conducting mediation in Ogagu in Pajule between two families over GBV
 (L)A participants demonstrating how to facilitate discussion using the SASA! Poster, (R) CAs listening to the LC 5 councillor of Acholibur making closing remarks.